Paying your American Express Bill Online

To pay your American Express bill online, login to your summary of accounts pages at  From your summary page, you will see a Pay Bill link.  When you click on the pay bill link, you will be led through a series of screens that will allow you to submit a payment onlne.

As a first step, you need to add a bank account that you want to pay your bill from.  Click the add a bank link to accomplish this.   You’ll be prompted to select the bank account type (personal checking or business checking), enter the 9 digit routing and transit number, and enter your bank account number.  The routing and transit numbers are the series of numbers at the bottom left hand corner of your paper check.  The first series of numbers is your routing transit number, which indicates who your banking organization is.  The second set of numbers is your account number with your financial institution.  The third set of number represents your actual check number (you won’t need to provide this number during the setup process).   The bank account number that you provide here must be a checking account, as that is the only kind of account that American Express will accept for electronic bill payment setup.

After you have established your payment account, you can indicate whether you wish to pay the minimum amount due on your bill, the current balance, or some amount other than those.  The payment date is automatically set to today, so you don’t have an option to future date your electronic payment.

After clicking continue, you’ll get a verification screen that confirms your electronic payment instructions, and after you agree to the terms and conditions presented and submit your payment for processing you will receive an email confirmation of your electronic payment details.

Note that payments made after 8pm Mountain Standard Time may not be credited until the next day.

From the payment link on the account home page, you can see a historical record of payments made to and received by American Express.  This page will show you details of the payment date, the payment status, the method of the payment and the amount that was paid.

American Express also offers you an option to setup autopay.  If you elect to use this option, you provide the bank account that you wish to have the autopay draft made from each month, how much you wish to pay each month (total new balance, minimum payment due, or fixed dollar amount), and you choose how many days after your statement closing date should pass before the electronic payment instruction is executed. You can choose from a range of 15 days after your statement closing date to 25 days after your statement closing date.

If at any time you wish to cancel your autopay enrollment, you can come back to the American Express website to turn that service off.

At one time, American Express offered a service that allowed you to pay other billers on their site as well with a service called American Express Bill Pay.  This service was discontinued by American Express in February, 2012.

Sample webpages of the American Express bill pay site follow.

American Express Summary of Accounts pageAmerican Express Summary of Accounts Page



American Express Pay Bill PageAmerican Express Pay Bill Page


American Express bill payment confirmation pageAmerican Express Bill Payment confirmation page


American Express enrollment pageAmreican Express Autopay enrollment page