Paying Your Bills At Your Bank

Using  your bank’s free bill pay service is one of the most convenient ways to pay your bills.  At your bank,  you are not restricted to paying just a single bill, or a few bills, but rather, you are able to make payments to all of  your billers.  It doesn’t matter whether the biller that you are paying is a major biller like AT&T or American Express, or a small biller like your local lawn care provider.  At your banks bill pay site, you can pay them all in a simple and efficient manner.

Most banks offer an electronic bill pay service for free because they want to keep you as a customer.  Research has convinced them that customers who take the time to setup their billers as part of their bill pay offering tend to stay as customers, and don’t easily decide to take their business to a different financial institution.

At  your bank, you can usually receive electronic bills from billers who offer them, and what really makes paying bills this way convenient is that all of your bill paying activity is consolidated into a single website, an you are provided with a comprehensive history of all of your past payments.  In addition, you have the bank’s customer support department available to you to resolve any payment issues or problems that you might encounter.

Of all the ways to pay your bills electronically, this is the way that we recommend the most.

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An example of an email notification of an electronic bill

 Bank bill pay email notificationBank Bill Payment Email notification of an electronic bill