Paying Your Capital One Bill Online

You can pay your Capital One Credit Card bill online by logging into your account from the Capital One home page.  If you have not yet enrolled for online access to your Capital One account, there are instructions on the website to guide you through the process of creating the necessary online credentials.

After you login, you are taken immediately to the Accounts Summary page, where you will see an overview of your account, including next payment due date, minimum payment due, last payment posted to your account, and your current balance.  Beneath the payment due date, there is a Pay My Bill button that will guide you through an process to setup what data you need to provide to Capital One to facilitate your initial payment.

The first time that you click the Pay My Bill button, you will be asked to provide your bank’s routing or ABA number, along with your account number.  You can enter any bank account number that is registered to you, including a personal checking or savings account, a business checking or savings account, or a money market account.  If you desire to give Capital One more than one bank account, you can tell them which one you wish to use as a primary account by clicking on the Primary Account radio button.

As a precaution against incorrectly entering your bank account number, you are required to enter the number into two separate fields.  If the numbers entered in the two fields do not match, an error message indicating that is returned.  After entering your bank account information, click the Continue To Step 2 button.  Here you are presented with a confirmation screen to ensure one final time that the information that you entered is accurate.  After reviewing the information presented, you can cancel, edit, or confirm.

From here you are given the option to schedule a payment, to manage your payment account, or to chat with a bank help desk representative.  If you choose to manage your payment account, you are presented with a screen that allows you to delete any of your existing bank accounts, or to setup a new bank account.

You will find throughout the process that the Chat Now button will continue to appear in various places, indicating that if you are confused about any step in the process then there is a Capital One representative available to answer your questions and assist.

From the Make a Payment page, you are able to select which card account you want to pay, which enrolled bank account you want to pay from, the payment date you want the payment to be debited from your bank account, and now much you want the payment amount to be.  The payment amount can be the minimum amount due, the statement balance, or any other amount that you with to designate.  From there, you click the review payment amount and are given the opportunity to cancel, edit, or approve the payment.

Also on the Make a Payment page, there is a tab that allows you to setup an automatic payment to Capital One.  You can choose any day of the month that you want the payment to be made, and whether you with the pay the minimum amount due, the statement balance, or another amount.  If you choose a fixed amount, it has to be at least $35.

Finally, there is a Payment Activity page that shows you previously scheduled payments, the account that the payment was made from, the amount of the payment, and the payment status.

Capital One bill pay account summaryCapital One Account Summary Page

 Capital One bill pay Make a Payment PageCapital One Make a Payment Page

Capital One bill pay payment confirmationCapital One Payment Confirmation

 Capital One bill payment activityCapital One Payment Activity