Paying Your Comcast Bill Online

After you login to Comcast Customer Central, you will see your account balance on your My Account Summary page.  From here you can make a one-time payment, setup an automatic recurring payment, and view your bill details.

From the View Bill Details link, you’ll see a breakdown of your previous balance, a summary of your current bill, any payments or credits that have been applied to your account, and a snapshot of any unbilled activity.  From here, you can also instruct Comcast to turn your paper bill off in favor of receiving an e-bill instead (Comcast refers to this as an Ecobill…attempting to appeal to your sense of environmental conservation to setup electronic billing services), and you can also turn automatic payment on and off.  You’ll also find payment links at the bottom of the page, and if you decide that you need to make a payment in person, perhaps to pay an overdue bill or maybe you have the desire or need to make a cash payment, Comcast provides you with a link to find a nearby service center.  They smartly use your account billing address to locate and pinpoint several of their nearest customer service offices on an online map.  If you want to see a PDF version of your paper bill, you can also do that from this page, and you are able to view historical bills from here as well.

If you elect to enroll in Comcast’s Ecobill™ for automatic monthly payments using your checking account or credit card, your monthly charges will automatically be debited from your chosen account or credit card every month when your bill is due.   To set this service up, you’ll need to provide your checking account number or a credit/debit card number that you wish to use to make your payments from.  Comcast will present you with a term of service agreement that you have to accept prior to completing  the autopay enrollment process.

If you’d prefer to make a one-time payment instead, you’ll need to provide this same banking account information, and Comcast stores the information that you provide so that you can easily make a payment again in the future without having to re-enter all of your financial institution details.

After you enter the payment account that you want to use, click the Next button and you’ll get a payment confirmation screen where you can validate that the information that you entered is correct before you submit your payment.

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