Paying Your Macy's Bill Online

Macy’s has recently launched a new version of their bill pay service at,  and it offers several nice features to its Macys credit card carrying customers.  You can access the bill payment service at the site by logging onto your account and choosing the Pay Your Bill link.  From there, you’ll be given the choice to make a one-time payment, or to setup an automatic recurring monthly payment.

Click on the Make a Payment button to make a one-time payment.  If you don’t have an outstanding balance when you come into this screen,  you will simply see all of the Macys credit cards that are associated with your account, and there will be a message that no payment is due.

If you do have a balance, you’ll see a Select Account button associated with each card in your account that will take to a new screen where you can enter your payment instructions, including bank account information, date that you want to pay, and the amount of the payment.

To setup recurring automatic payments for your Macys credit card account,  click the Get Started button and choose which card account you are wanting to setup an auto payment for.  When setting up an automatic payment, you have the choice to always pay the entire statement balance, the minimum amount due on your account, or the minimum amount due on your account plus a set additional amount that you specify.  For example, if your minimum amount due is $65, but you always want to pay an extra $20 on your account balance to try to pay it off sooner (and reduce your interest charges), then Macy’s lets you easily set that up.

You then choose when you want the payment to be made to Macy’s, and there is an option to pay on the payment due date, or conversely, on any day of the month that you choose.  However, if your payment is typically due on the 2nd day of the month, and you specify that you wish your monthly payment to always arrive on the 6th day of the month, the system will put up a warning message to alert you to the fact that  your payments may arrive later than you want them to given this particular payment instruction.

You enter the bank account routing and transit number from the checking account you want to use to make the payments, and you are pretty much done.

There is a nice feature that Macy’s has implemented for automatic payments that I have not seen before that is quite useful.  You can specify on this page to continue making automatic payments each month until you elect to come back to this screen to turn auto payment off, or y our can specify and month and a year that you want automatic payments to stop.  This feature gives you complete control over turning the feature on and off, which can be a problem with automatic payment services at other biller sites.

Finally, there is a chat feature available for providing assistance to consumers who need help setting the service up.  This is a nice customer service touch.

As with most sites, in addition to making payments at, you also have the ability to view current and past statements, and to view any recent card activity or transactions.

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